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  • Težydi

    Artist's book "Težydi" - about the all-encompasing bloom of Kaunas (and Kaunas modernism).

    Over a short period of 19 years, suddenly made capital, modernist Kaunas became all overgrown with botanical elements, merging geometrical modernism and Lithuanian folk art. Building facades, interiors, railings, fences, balcony décor, ceiling trims, floors, and column crowns got overtaken by tulips, rues, oak leaves, poppies, lilies, irises, peonies, plant sprouts, wheat, and everything else. Not only did Kaunas invent its own unique architectural school, but in a way predicted and conserved its own bloom.

    • Paper difference

      Munken Pure paper is smoother and harder, soaks up less ink, therefore the print is less vibrant compared to the same print on Munken Pure Rough paper, which is more textured and fluffier.

    PriceFrom €40.00
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