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I'm Rūta Cyrolytė - printmaker, illustrator, self-publishing and bookmaking  enthusiast (currently) based in Kaunas, Lithuania.

In my creative practice I like to dip my fingers into many different mediums and mix them, apply the principles of one to another, and see what shakes out. Mainly I work with printmaking, illustration, graphic design, and publishing, but I never shy away from an experiment or a new learning opportunity. 

I'd like to say my work follows themes of personal exploration, growth, change, inner turmoil, but sometimes I just like drawing silly illustrations of things I think are Cool.

Feel free to write me an email regarding anything at all or follow me on Instagram to see all the chaos that ensues.

2020 - present

02/2024 - present

04/2023 - 09/2023

04/2022 - 09/2022

02/2022 - present





09/2022 - present

04/2022 - present

BA Applied graphics

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas, Lithuania


Europe Magazine


Hands on Press independent printing press and self-publishing studio, Kaunas, Lithuania



Hungry Eyes risograph press/studio and art shop/illustration gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania


group exhibitions

The Material Line

MTU Crawford College of Art and Design gallery, Cork, Ireland

Collaborative improvised composition & exhibition "Dry Set-up"

Hands on Gallery, Kaunas, Lithuania

18th International Biennale of Theatre Poster exhibition

Siemaszkowa Theatre, Rzeszów, Poland

"Juodas Šuo" reopening

"Juodas Šuo" book shop, Vilnius, Lithuania

LSAD Y2 Print Contemporary Practice exhibition

Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick, Ireland

Researcher's notes. Modernism architecture of Kaunas

"Vingiu Dubingiu Aludė", Kaunas, Lithuania

"Colors for Ukraine" poster exhibition

M. K. Čiurlionis Museum of Art, Kaunas, Lithuania




Bookbinding workshop for BA Applied graphics students

Vilnius Academy of Art, Kaunas faculty

Screenprinting workshop at Būtent! discussion festival with Atviros Lietuvos fondas

Birštonas, Lithuania

Relief print and linocut workshop at Kitu Kampu school camp

Stasiūnai, Lithuania

My Instagram !

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